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an update in bullets and commas

many things happened/happening:

  • officially the vocalist in an as yet unnamed band with reilly, darren, aaron, and shanman. had our first jam last wednesday, rocked out at the grungiest jam space ever, another jam tonight at newer/better jam space. pretty much just super fun.
  • weekend in calgary an utter success – headed out friday night, late dinner with kris and will (thanks for picking me up from the airport!), house alarm drama, breakfast/awesome afternoon with kris on saturday (some things never change!), shower/stagette for mel saturday night (yay for mel! yay for seeing old work peoples!), more house alarm drama, pick parents up from airport after their two week trip to hawaii sunday morning, lunch at peter’s, lots of talking with said parents, back to airport for evening flight home
  • short acoustic jam session at darren’s sunday night.
  • discovered monday that nasty cold infecting kris has inflicted itself upon me.
  • came home monday night to discover that josh has even nastier stomach flu which means me taking care of him rather than the other way around as i’d hoped.
  • currently sleeping on couch as we are both contagious with different things. ew!
  • stress at work. whatever.
  • as stated above, second full jam tonight. not sure just how much i can contribute what with the plague clogging my sinuses and making me hoarse, but should be fun anyways.

and that’s that! if it made no sense, let’s just remember that i’m operating in a fog right now.


  1. Kris says:

    I’m sorry man. :( But remember to record your session, I wanna hear more! :)

    Also? More alarm drama? What happened?! :D

  2. MOM says:

    … and I’ve now had a phone message from the technical folks at the alarm company to followup on what exactly was going on over the weekend with our alarm system going off. I haven’t gotten around to talking to them yet. :-)

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