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let’s talk pet peeves, shall we?

mine is people talking to me like they think i just couldn’t or wouldn’t understand what they’re talking about. assuming (for some strange reason) that i just don’t get it. if you talk to me like you think i’m stupid with absolutely no reason to do so, you instantly put me on the defensive and i don’t like you very much.

this has happened to me more times than i care to think about the past few days. and maybe i read more into a person’s tone of voice than i should. maybe i’m being oversensitive (not unlikely). but FUCK. repeating yourself over and over again and saying the thing you’re saying more slowly each time – without even giving me a chance to say anything in between repeated sentences – really drives me fucking crazy. if i have to interrupt your spiel with a very firm “i. understand.”, you are guilty of being a pain in my ass.

also frustrating is being asked to perform a certain task, but due to circumstances out of your control, you can’t do what you’ve been requested to do. so you tell your boss the situation and she gets on the phone, takes the exact same steps you took and actually gets contradicting information which allows the request to get done after all. so then she asks you condescending questions indicating that she might not believe you understood the request or asked the wrong questions. but really, what happened is that you just got totally different information from two totally different people and your information/person happened to be the one that prevented the job from getting done. that’s frustrating.

i’m not sure i could be any more cryptic, but let’s just forget that, okay?

oh, and hey, while we’re on the subject of pet peeves… if you’re my peer and have absolutely no authority over my actions, don’t tell me what to do. ASK me maybe. don’t tell me. cause that just makes me dig in my heels and resent the request. not for long, mind you, but enough to be grumpy about it for a little while.

what’s really great, though, is finally leaving work on a beautiful friday afternoon and enjoying the city you live in. stopping to take photos on a route you rarely use and stopping at a cafe you’ve never been to but have been meaning to try and ordering a truly excellent hot chocolate. making plans with friends to meet up for a drink later (though i have yet to hear from said friends to let me know what’s going on) and then coming home to check out those photos you took on your excellent walk. that’s some pretty cool stuff.

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