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things have been better

oh yes, they’ve definitely been better.

i’ve already mentioned how ridiculous work has been. normally, that’s wicked, awesome, i love it (truly). but on monday i woke up brutally sick and i think today is the first day that i’ve really felt any better. but we’ve been so busy (especially earlier this week) that i just didn’t feel like i could afford to take time off to get better. so i went to work monday through thursday, feeling worse every day (and missing dance on monday AGAIN dammit), until late thursday morning my boss finally just told me to get over myself and sent me home (which was as good a time as any since that was the day things felt like they had slowed down a bit). this was a good decision, though not good enough to make me better and i ended up staying home yesterday too.

in the midst of all this, i’ve also had a sick cat on my hands. a couple years ago fallon got a urinary tract infection and she’s been prone to them since then. i started noticing the symptoms again earlier this week but didn’t get an opportunity to take her to the vet (see above re: BUSY). after i’d chilled for a while on friday i felt well enough that i could probably get her to the vet that afternoon provided kimli was willing to be our chauffeur (she was, yay!) since josh had the van at work.

2:30 yesterday afternoon saw kimli and i wrangling my one very unhappy cat into a carrier while the other cried mournfully in the bathroom since they’d had to be separated. reggie has this tendency when fallon’s sick to follow her around (whether out of concern, i have no idea), even when she’s using the litter box. she wouldn’t like this at the best of times, but especially not when using the litter box has become a painful experience in itself. this has resulted in a few scraps over the last few days and in fallon not trusting reggie much. so when he came around while i was trying to get her in the carrier it just turned badly and meant that kim had to be brought in for assistance. now let’s also keep in mind that i was still quite sick and not in any state to be calm and patient, so we’ll just have to forgive the minor freak out i ended up having while all this was happening.

okay, so now the cat has been wrangled and we’re at the vet. things go from bad to worse. i don’t want to get into details (which involve having to witness my cat being poked and prodded and generally made very unhappy), but the gist is fallon has kidney stones. i’ll likely find out today exactly what kind of stones (after the blood work and urinealysis results come back), but it doesn’t really matter because what the vet is recommending for the best possible results is surgery to remove them. $1000-$1200 surgery.

and that’s after the $500+ i dropped yesterday when i left the vet.


i mean, i think i can afford it if i get creative and dip into savings i had set aside for other specific things (which is fine, i can always save more, my cat’s health is more important). it’s still REALLY tough to swallow, though. especially given what time of year it is and all the crap that involves. not to mention all the time we’re scheduled to be out of the house in the next few weeks.

i honestly don’t know what to do. last night was awful too – we actually had to keep reggie out of the bedroom all night because he kept harassing fallon (again, i don’t think meliciously, but it still didn’t turn out well) and she kept making these awful noises (angry cat scrapping noises, actually) every time she tried using the litter box we put in the room. she’s in pain. and it breaks my heart. how do i make it better?

like i said, i’ll find out today what the test results are and will be in a better position to make a decision, though i think it’s clear that she’ll probably need the surgery. and while i know that it’s the likely the right decision and will be great in the long run, i shudder to think about what it will entail immediately afterwards.

so far we already have to give her pills once a day for the urinary infection. she’s also got something in her eyes, so i have to do eye drops three times a day. she has to start on new wet food only (no dry at all) for her stones and the infection (i was given two different brands to try her on and i don’t think she was a great fan of either, so i’ll just have to make a guess as to what kind to go with when i go to the vet this afternoon). bad things happen when she and reggie are in the same room, so we have to keep them separated in our one bedroom apartment (this should pass soon i hope, i think she just needs to get a little relief first). is that it for now? i think that’s it for now. post-surgery? who knows.

the good news is that i think the crying yesterday may have finally broken the cold or whatever it is that i have – i never knew so much snot could come out of one person, but i think it was almost all of it. i’m still a little stuffy today, but nothing like the last week and overall feeling better (physically). i’m still incredibly dehydrated, but that’s easily rectified, and josh has been great with making sure i’ve got lots of the stuff i need at home. yesterday before he left for work he made sure i was the perfect stereotype of “sick person home from work” what with providing me with a cup of tea (well, coffee, but that was my decision), an orange, my book, my ds (for alternate entertainment), a box of kleenex, and a trashcan next to the bed for the leavings. that was swell. he’s been great with this whole fallon thing too, letting me cry on his shoulder and promising to help with her medication. it’s already been proved in past bouts of sickness that i’m pretty much incapable of giving her pills, so josh takes on that duty cause he just has a knack for it. thank the gods.

it’s also kind of funny sitting here watching the kids across the street with their toboggans, sliding down on the hill on the 2 cms of snow we got last night (that hasn’t melted yet!). gotta take what they can get, i guess.

and i’ll say that i’m completely digging the new neverending white lights album, it’s really suiting my mood at the moment. and now i think i shall have a shower and then keep reading my bad romantic fiction novel, chosen because i just finished reading lord of the rings for the eighth time or whatever (but the first time in a few years) and wanted something a little less epic for a bit.

so yeah, happy thoughts and mojo to fallon please. and to me, cause i hate this shit.


  1. Kris says:

    Definitely mojo to Jimmy! :)

  2. `jen says:

    big hugs and love to you and Fallon. xoxo!

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